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TORQ Hypotonic is a very lightly flavoured hydrating drink mix, which has been formulated to optimise fluid and electrolyte delivery over any other factor. This product is available in 3 very light naturally flavoured options.

TORQ Hypotonic is sold in a handy plastic screw-top container, which holds 6 X 18g hypotonic sachets/sticks. Each stick mixes with water to make a 500ml drink, and is specifically aimed at optimising hydration where events/sessions are no more than an hour long, and heavy sweat loss is anticipated.

TORQ Hypotonic can also be used as part of the TORQ Fuelling System during longer events, and the handy 6-pack makes carrying your drinks very easy, as it slips nicely into the rear pocket of a cycle jersey or sports bag.

Each hypotonic stick contains only 15grams (0.5 TORQ Units) of carbohydrate, so is very light on calories (60 Kcals per 500ml), which means that achieving optimal fuelling for longer durations using this product alone is literally impossible as it would require consuming 2-3 litres of fluid! It is therefore essential that you read and understand the TORQ Fuelling System and consume enough of TORQ’s solid fuelling units (TORQ Gel, TORQ Bar and new TORQ Chew), if you are going to use TORQ Hypotonic as a means of hydration during extensive endurance sessions.


Our advice for longer efforts, where fuelling is required as well as hydration, is to use TORQ Energy as your drink source, because the isotonic nature of this product will provide a better balance between fuelling and hydration – that said, the choice is clearly yours, as long as you understand that your goal in the endurance scenario is to consume 2-3 TORQ Units per hour. Some people will prefer the lighter flavour and mouthfeel of TORQ Hypotonic, and that’s fine as long as you understand the rules!