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For thirty years MET has been making helmets for the very best in the sport of cycling. 
We’ve learned, refined and developed our products, getting faster, lighter and more comfortable with every generation.  
We created the MET Trenta to mark this milestone year.

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MET's 30th anniversary

Now, there’s a new member of the family, a new standard in helmet design, 
a new competitive edge for the world’s elite.

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Enhanced for use in the peloton, the MET Trenta’s tube-shaped tail and internal
channeling ensure it performs best when riding in a group, offering up to 7%
reduction in drag vs a traditional road helmet.

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Both versions of the Trenta are built to offer maximum ventilation and aerodynamic performance. The difference between them is simply one of construction, with the Trenta tipping the scales at just slightly heavier than its 3K Carbon big brother.

While a small weight sacrifice is made, the drag-reduction offered by both Trenta designs is totally equal, ensuring you can cut through the wind with efficiency and speed, arriving at the finish feeling fresher than your rivals.

Two incredible options, the choice is yours.