Covid-19 Announcement - Requesting for General Public to wear Masks

After the announcement from the government last night advising the public to wear face coverings / masks whilst visiting shops, we will also be enforcing this advisement for any and all members of the general public to come into our property.

 We have made the decision that; from the 24th July 2020 if customers attend without coverings / masks they will be unable to come into our premises - this is to protect the general public and our extremely hard working team.

 We will be able to sell disposable masks for customers who haven’t brought one with them at £1.00 each. (They are the one-time use, disposable ones) We also supply hand sanitizer for customers to use in store, upon entry and exit of the shop free of charge.

 We appreciate the general public’s understanding and cooperation in these uncertain times, we are aiming to continue to deliver our normal levels of customer service throughout sales and servicing - so please do bear with us!

 What are the changes?

We have been operating under certain guidelines; Maintaining social distancing advice, A one way system through the store, Open selected hours which will all continue but we will also be introducing some new guidelines.

  • Customers / visitors will not be permitted to enter without a face covering.
  •  Customers / visitors will not be permitted to enter the workshop area. Technicians are able to talk with customers, but will come into the store or outside to hold a conversation.
  • Shop staff will lead the customers through the store, to avoid crossing paths with any other customers.
  • We are also continuing with the 2m distancing rule.

For any more advise on wearing face coverings or general advise visit the website.