Different Types of Bikes and How To Choose The Best One For You

There are different types of mountain bikes available, depending on what terrain you choose to ride and which type of bike is best for you.

Rigid mountain bikes

These are also a type of cross country mountain bike. These mountain bikes are basically mountain bikes with no shocks. They were once considered old school bikes, but they have made a new generation of rigid mountain bikes that are very light and efficient.

Cross country mountain bikes

These are the most common types of mountain bikes because they are relatively lightweight and versatile. Most mountain bike companies divide cross country bikes into two categories and they offer some version of a lightweight racing cross-country mountain bike and a more versatile trail cross-country mountain bike that is designed for longer rides.

Race XC

Race XC mountain bikes are built for speed and are very lightweight. Bikes in this category may be either hardtail or full suspension.

Trail/Marathon XC

Marathon XC bikes are usually a little heavier than race/xc bikes, but still pretty lightweight. These bikes are built for epic rides and have a little more suspension than the Race XC. Trail/Marathon XC are usually full suspension bikes.

Downhill mountain bikes

These are used for riding downhill quickly and designed with this specific purpose in mind. Downhill mountain bikes are heavy bikes and are not made for climbing. They have around 180-220 mm of suspension. This kind of mountain bikes is usually hauled up a chairlift, in a vehicle and then ridden downhill.

Freeride mountain bikes

These are similar to the downhill mountain bikes, but are more easily manoeuvred and lighter than a downhill bike. Freeride bikes are built for jumping and any other technical stunts. Its suspension is around 160-180 mm.

29er mountain bikes

These type of mountain bikes are increasingly becoming more popular. The 29er mountain bikes have larger wheels that are approximately 29 inches in diameter, including its tire. The purpose of the larger wheels is they roll over obstacles more easily than the 26-inch wheels. 29er mountain bikes may be full suspension, rigid or hardtail.

Women's mountain bike

It is designed to fit the average body type of a female rider. Because women are often lighter, smaller and have shorter arms and torsos than males. So if you're a woman who has this body type, this kind of mountain bike is an option for you.

All mountain bike

An enduro mountain bike or all mountain bike is similar to a cross-country bike in that it can be ridden up and downhill, but it has more suspension in the front and back to handle harder and more technical obstacles. All mountain bikes are generally heavier than cross-country mountain bikes, typically weighing between 25 to 35 pounds.

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