Essentials Every New Road Cyclist Needs

Are you new to road cycling and you're not sure what you need to get started? We've already listed some essential products that you must have. Starting with buying a bicycle, but beyond that, what else do you need to become a cyclist? As you find yourself getting more into cycling, here are a few essential items that can make your ride enjoyable, comfortably and safe. You don't need to worry they are all far less expensive than the bicycle itself.  

A bike

Obviously, the first thing you need is a bike. However, there are a lot of different types and styles of bikes with a varying range of prices, that's why it is not as easy as you think. You need to look and buy a bicycle that is right for you. Mitchell Cycles can guide you to make the right decision if you are hesitating where to buy a road bike and what kind of bike is best for you.


Wearing a helmet is essential. Your helmet should be properly fitted and securely attached to your head. Helmets are designed to offer protection, in case you are involved in an accident. They could potentially save your life.

Cycling jersey

A cycling jersey is made from a fabric designed for different conditions, to keep you dry in the rain and keep you cool in the heat during your bike trips. It also has a long zip for ventilation and three rear pockets. 

Front and rear lights

Lights are very important, especially when you're going to ride in the darker hours. Additionally, front and rear lights do two jobs, first is to illuminate the road and second is to make you visible. Bikers choice of lights will depend on where and when they're going to ride

Padded shorts

If you are planning to start short cycle rides, you don't need to buy expensive. If you plan to tackle longer distances, you probably need a pair of padded shorts. You can wear these on their own or concealed under comfortable shorts if you prefer. Padded shorts provide thin padding that gives cushioning against the saddle, and will surely improve comfort during your bike trips.

Eye wear

When purchasing eye wear for your bike trips, pick an interchangeable lens, so that you can use them for any weather. Such as, clear for the night, dark for sunny days and yellow or orange to make overcast days look cheerful.

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