How To Choose The Right Bike For A Child

When choosing a bike for a child, you have to consider several factors to ensure that it's the right fit for them. Size is an important factor to get right as you have to bear in mind that your child may outgrow the bike in just a few months. Additionally, you also have to note what kind of rider your child will be. If they have a tall physique with an energetic demeanour, you might have to search for a more sturdy bike.

Aside from these, we have compiled a short helpful guide to choose a bike that is perfect for your child's age and size.

  • Use A Sizing Chart
Check the sizing chart. The diameter of the tyres is used to determine the appropriate size of bike for a child's age. It is important to note that there may be slight variations depending on the type of bike you want to purchase so discuss with your local cycle shop in Swindon to get a more accurate fit.
  • Test Them Out
Relying on size charts is important but it's not the perfect solution to getting the right bike. Having your child ride the bike can help you distinguish if it's the right fit, even if your child is not yet familiar with cycling. You will most likely know if they are comfortable when the seat height complements with their height and body build. You should not attempt to purchase a slightly bigger one hoping that your child will eventually 'grow into it'.
  • Prevent Tippy Toes
Aside from seat height, you should look out for your child's leg length. If they are fully stretching their legs to reach the ground for balance or for stopping, it is likely that the bike is too big for them. It is important for children to have a slight bend in the leg when their feet touch the ground and their knees and legs should not be bouncing on the bottom of the handlebars.

The accessories can be decided later. What you need to prioritise is your child's safety and getting the right size will contribute greatly to ensure it. Now that you know the most basic points to look for, head over to our shop today! You can also browse around our online shop to choose among our wide range of children's bikes. If you have any enquiries, call us on 01793 523306 or email us at