Keep Your Bikes Secure With These Helpful Tips

Bicycles are the most cost-effective and sustainable transportation on the planet that’s why a lot of people rely on this. Unfortunately, bike security has always been a major concern by any cyclist. The great majority of bikes are stolen because they are not locked up properly. Often, they’re stolen from places that are assumed to be a safe when in reality they are not. If you want to reduce the possibility that it will happen to you, keep your bike safe by following these tips.

Secure it properly
Make your bicycle hard to steal by locking it up. Use a good quality of lock which can be easy to secure and hard to cut. The common options available in the market are U-locks and cables. Although cable locks add extra security, never rely on it alone as thieves can easily cut through a cable in seconds. It is more preferable to use U-locks because they are more reliable. When buying one, you should choose a smaller model that is difficult to open forcibly. Also, remember that having a quality lock isn’t enough. Make sure to use it properly by securing your back wheel and frame with a U-lock, and then locking it to a designated bike rack.

Make it visible
Thieves naturally like to conceal their act from onlookers. That is why it is important to lock your bike in a public place rather than a dark alleyway. Choose a location that is well-lit and is covered by CCTV. Also, make your bike as distinctive as possible by painting it with bright colours or by putting reflective stickers on the frame. A distinctive appearance can easily grab attention, making it hard for thieves to steal your bike.

Make it hard to sell
Bike thieves are looking for bicycles that they can quickly sell. By personalising it with bold decorations, it will discourage thieves to get your bike. Having a unique bike is easy to identify and would not get many potential buyers. To deter theft, you can engrave your initials and add a few pieces of tape in strategic places.

Get insurance
If you own a decent bike, it would be a smart move to insure it. You could insure your bicycle on your home contents insurance. Once you have the insurance, take a photo, write down all the details of your bicycle and record the frame number. Additionally, ensure that the receipt for the purchase of your bike is kept safe for future reference.

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