Most Common Beginner Mountain Biking Mistakes

More people are now getting interested in biking. Along with the many health benefits, are the great experiences you can have by going to beautiful destinations and exciting adventures with your group. However, if you're a beginner there are a lot of unwritten tips that you need to know before getting on the road. Learn from the mistakes of others by going through this list.

The seat is too low

Most beginners tend to experience pain in the knees during the ride because their seat is too low. The pain is caused by extending their legs during the pedal stroke. Remember that struggling and not being comfortable in your position while on the road could put you at risk. It's important to adjust the seat at the right height. Make sure that you can reach the ground and the seat should be slightly bent at the bottom.

Not bringing a tube or patch kit

Before going on a bike trip, make sure to be prepared by bringing the proper tools: a tube or a patch kit. You should also learn how to use them so when you experience problems on the trail such as flat tyres, you know how to fix it and get back yourself on the road.

Don't want to ride in a group

If you're a beginner to cycling, joining group rides will help you a lot. They have protocols and plans, they will teach you proper etiquette and mark the trails to ensure you are safe and no one will be missing throughout the trip. Beginners refuse to join group rides because they get intimidated, however, riding alone especially if you're new to cycling is not easy at all. You can get lost if you are not familiar with the trail or if you get into accidents or experience problems with your bike, you are going to be stuck out of nowhere with no one to help you.

Not using safety gears

Some beginners tend to underestimate the power of safety gears until they get injured. There are reasons why professional bikers never get on the road without proper gears and tools - it prevents them from getting into serious accidents. Remember that your gears are your greatest source of safety.

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