Round up from the TMC: Racing Regionally & Nationally

After a day filming for the team & MeridaUK recently at the venue of the race - Harry returned to B1KE's Tidworth Freeride site for the third round of the Root1 series.

Harry arrived at the venue in full kit so he could help set up the team pit and crack on with practice runs, originally Harry had appeared to be confident and set with his racing line but when speaking with a few of the other riders in his category finding out they were hitting a line through a 'berm-berm' opted to take the line the other guys were hitting instead of his on..

Race Run 1

After the practice runs I decided to take on the same run as the other riders for my first competitive run - I felt the ride was smooth and happy with the first run, I came in with a 1:03.219 which put me in 10th position

clearly a stupid mistake of mine . 

Race Run 2

Although I took some time to contemplate the line choice; I decided after racing the new line this morning I'd stick with that and try and improve the timing. I did just that, with a 1:02.168 finishing up the time gave me 9th position. 

Rider Name Position  Run 1 Run 2 Split
Ethan CRAIK 1st 54.907s 54.555s -
Harry RAYNER-LOVEJOY 9th 1:03.219 1:02.168 7.613s


Thinking about it after the event, perhaps I would have been best to not listen to the other riders in the category and stick to my own lines - maybe that's what I'll take away from this event, to chose the line choice best for me and not what others are riding, mostly because I know I was doing timed runs which were quicker with my own line choices. 

Gould takes consecutive podium spot - but this time wears Gold!

The eBike rider took on his second Root 1 race alongside team mate, Harry, although upon arriving finding out he was set for a top spot due to the field not having a wealth of riders racing init. 

With still a lot to do by beating series leader James pressed the race mode in his mindset and made sure both of his race runs were good enough for top spot. Taking Gold with both runs;

 Rider Name Position Run 1 Run 2 Split
James Gould 1st 1:04.938 1:04.063 -
Xavier HOPKINS 2nd 1:15.207 1:14.622 10.559s
Piotr MISZTAL 3rd 1:28.418 1:27.137 23.074s


Windley takes on European National race in Bodø, Norway & takes a top 15 position!

James Windley took home a top 15 in the recent round of the Norwegian Enduro series in Bodø, wearing the 118 bib he took on 40 national level riders. With multiple top 10's in the race timed sections and a few lower in the 10th-20th averaging him out to 12th position. We are waiting on Windley's Race Report - stay tuned!

 Rider Name Position Timed 1 Timed 2 Timed 3 Timed 4 Timed 5 Timed 6 Finishing Time

S. Carlsson









James WINDLEY 12th









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