Reasons To Bike Instead Of Drive

Driving from one place to another has its benefits, you can travel long distances, it's fast and it's basically a comfortable experience. In addition, petrol prices are likely to rise even more which makes riding a bike more cost effective. There are some benefits of choosing to ride a bike than driving and we have gathered our top reasons to start riding a bike, just in case you're having a hard time breaking the 4-wheel habit.

  • You'll never be late for work again

Driving at rush hour can be very frustrating because you have to deal with stop and go traffic. If you don't want to be late to work again, start avoiding traffic by riding your  bicycle and taking alternate routes and cycle paths. Furthermore, you can also save on petrol and save money for your future investments.

  • It's cheaper than a gym membership

Using a bicycle as your transportation to and from work is a great form of exercise, which can aid with weight loss, develop your muscles, and have a healthier body. You don't have to spend more time working out at the gym and pay for an expensive gym membership.

  • Parking is easier

Looking for a place to park can be a difficult task, so some workplaces allow you to bring your bike in and there is normally a bike rack or even a tree that you can lock your bike to, that's why it is typically much easier to find a place to park your bike than to park a car.

  • It's better for the environment

Riding your bikes uses nothing but your own muscle power and requires much less energy to produce them than to manufacture a car. As we all know driving a car puts out a lot of exhaust fumes that pollutes the air.

  • You get to take the scenic route

There are so many places that bikes can go but cars cannot. Some cycle paths go through wooded areas and parks, which are more satisfying to look at and you have the opportunity to take a look at the city in a different way than to sit inside your car on a congested city street.

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