We're really excited to be able to start talking about the future and what we are planning to introduce to the store!

If you have been to our store, you will appreciate the upstairs has hidden rooms and more than the outside appears to suggest we have! We are able to boast about having a fantastic selection and different options. One thing we'd like to do is be able to display bikes in the best way possible without compromising the range - but short of moving premises, which we aren't doing because we love our store, it's quite a difficult task/project. 

But we have been designing and planning for the future and we believe we have come up with some good plans for a slight switch up. We're planning on doing this work in Jan/Feb 2019, in conjunction with the work we will be shortly announcing the introduction of a new top brand coming to the store! 


We posted this on our social media which hit nearly 500 views on Facebook with in 24hours. 

It's exciting to be able to bring a brand with such a great reputation to the shop and work alongside the company - it's also great because the company have a few business similarities to our own which is always nice!

The brand will be announced once we start to receive the bikes, we are expecting E-Bikes & Mountain bikes towards the end October towards mid November. With Road bikes following a little later and coming through early 2019.