Tips To Prepare For Your First Mountain Bike Race

For first-timers, it's important to set your goal before the race. Some people are there for the fun experience and to see how it goes in the field and others are racing for the win which will require more training rides months before the event. However, no matter what your goals are, it's always great to plan ahead to ensure you are safe throughout the event.

Check out these few tips to help you with your first mountain bike race.


Weeks before the event, make sure to pick a good number of hard bike rides to taper down your riding intensity. Professional racers taper the race intensity by going for difficult bike rides months before and bring down their ride levels one to two weeks before the event to allow their legs to recover and be ready for the big day. You can find a buddy or go with group rides to be familiar on how to draft and position in the pack.


A few days before the race, make sure that your legs are fully recovered from the training by getting enough sleep. Sleep as much as you can in the nights leading up to the race. Though make sure that you don't take a full rest one day before the race. Do a moderate preparation ride to warm up your muscles for race day.

Eat & Hydrate

Building up your nutrition is not an overnight process so it's important that you eat and hydrate properly as early as two weeks before the race. Eat plenty of carbohydrates and food that contain high levels of protein to ensure you have a good base in your system. Eat a bowl of healthy pasta the night before the event and have a good amount of breakfast on that day. Make sure that you eat 3 hours before the race so your stomach will have time to digest. Fill up all your water bottles, grab some energy drinks, pack some protein bars, hard-boiled eggs and some fruits to replace your energy and fluids that you sweat during the race.

Invest in your bike

Light bikes are your best choice if you are doing a race. Overweight tyres tend to hold you down and will lower your endurance. Additionally, make sure that you use a bike that you are most comfortable with so you can perform at your best. Before the event, give your bike an overall check to ensure that it is well maintained and the parts are in good condition. Have it cleaned and for your safety, make sure that the tyres don't have cuts and have tread left.

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