TMC Race Report | Rayner-LoveJoy | FOD RD2

Sunday 17th Feb | 100% Mini Downhill Round 2 @ Forrest of Dean

For the second round we had one rider take to the start line, Harry Rayner-Lovejoy returning full of determination to better his debut finish last month at the first round. This round featured 2 courses both with BLACK difficulty ratings, combined averaging just under a 00:04:30 (h:m:s) for a complete run (this is just based on users ride logs with TRAIL FORKS), most of the competing times were sub 2mins - we're talking about Flatland in Sheep Skull.

Round one, last month, saw a similar field of riders and Harry was aiming to climb the pack - which he successfully did. In the end Harry, competing in the "15-16/Youth" category, climbed up to finish 23/47 which is bettering his position in the field by 4 riders and increasing his overall race beat % to 52%.


After collecting the number plate for the day - 131 - we took to the course for a track walk, checking out the lines and the features on the course I was feeling happy and confident - this is my style of track and was looking forward to riding & then racing it!

Run 1

Waiting for my race run I was just thinking and focusing on the lines and the track, it seemed to take a long time before the rider in front of me started - due to the person before being slower and in a different category, we were both on pause by for 2 mins. Then after what seemed ages building up to my first run, I was at the gate being counted down; Beep - Beep - Beeeeep **GO!** I attacked the lines I had put together in my head and that I'd been practicing earlier in the morning. I made one small mistake, just going over one of the jumps which cost me a bit of time as my feet came off the pedals - I crossed the line 1:53.34 which left me sat in 22nd.

Run 2

I felt the first run was going well until my slight mistake and that was on me so this time I went into the track confident and looking to attack harder! I started in a lower gears, meaning I could get the bike moving quicker and as I got through the first part of the section I was going through the gears and building the speed. Going through root-section I slipped slightly and to counter balance I let my foot off the pedal which may have cost slightly, because I didn't keep the flow going through however I crossed the line with a 1:51.41, knocking 2 seconds off my first run and putting me in 23rd to finish the day! I was happy with the result, my aim was to have finished higher and minimalist the mistakes as much as I could - which I did & 
I can take more experience into the next race - I may be looking into clips before the next race... 😂

Final times for Harry at Round 2, 100% Mini Downhill @ FOD





HARRY RAYNER-LOVEJOY 1:53.34 1:51.41 17.60s


Well done to Harry, your making progress and enjoying the racing experience - thats what matters! Keep it up !