Welcome to Our New Online Home!

Welcome to our Brand New online store - unfortunately; due to Tier 4 being introduced the scheduled tweaking and finishing off has been delayed - so you might not find everything on the site currently. However, we have published the site along with products and content to check out ! 

"We're really happy with the visuals and the layout - the idea was to make the site a little more snappy when searching for products or information - hence the new layout and menu bar alongside trying to introduce a little more class to the delivery of that information. Once we're able to get back in and organise the reopening of the check out's and ensure more products are up and online - I think It'll be a nice platform for customers, locally and nationally to use.

After selling and sending lots of orders around the country this year with the surge in demand due to the pandemic we had great feed back about the service and we wanted to try and really show all of our customers further a field, who can only see us through the pages we have uploaded - a little more about who and what we're all about here!" - Stephen Mitchell

Stay tuned for more product, content and information to be uploaded within the next few weeks! Ofcourse, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to you contact us on 01793 523306 OR mitchellcycles@yahoo.co.uk.