BMX Wroughton, along with the help of the local Parish council, have worked extremely hard in getting the funds together & travelling up and down the country - checking out other locations to get the best idea for the finished track! The location is based over on the Maunsell Way Recreation Ground, Wroughton and was agreed as a public track to offer something different to the redevelopment of the recreational area. 

"The idea is to build something that will keep children entertained, but also challenge the skills of more experienced riders." - BMX Wroughton Website

The track was only established as "Open" on the 20th June 2018, after only 2 days the facebook announcement has received over 160 positive reactions - 54 shares and loads of people commenting - which is so awesome to see. 

It would be rude not to hit up the brand new professionally built track so the TMC crew took a look ...

"It's great to have such a top - professional built track here, we ride pump tracks quite often through the week and usually have to travel quite a distance so having one like this right on our doorstep is a god send!" - Joe Beale

Team Mitchell Cycles manager, Dave Webb, took to the new set up along with his son Tyler, who's 3 years old - both absolutely loved it! Dave told us "It was great to see such a cool track offering the local community and further 'BMX & Jump' riders a decent space to ride. It allows people of all riding ability the chance to ride it and hopefully progress their personal capabilities!

Tyler loved it and asked if we could come back every day... Which as a proud dad - who's well into biking, it's awesome to see him so excited and getting into the sport I love. What I think is really cool; is the fact that Tyler can be finishing his lap whilst on his Frog bike and you can look over to another corner further back and you could see an older rider taking his lap with a decent jump bike - just great to see different generations - diverse abilities; all in one space - for fun! 

Massive congrats to the team behind the development - what a fantastic achievement not only on getting the track finished but more so in the matter of what you've now been able to provide for many in the local community and in the further a field riding community - a place of fun & potential development. 

BMX Wroughton Contact details:

Facebook - @BMXWroughton

Email - bmxwroughton@outlook.com